Here’s a new song from the forthcoming album ‘The Great Pretender’, out on march 28th. Below this video you’ll find a lot of Roy’s older work.


Roy has released a couple of free EP’s through the years. Most of them are hard to find on CD because most of them were free givaways and such. But since the coming of Bandcamp and things like that, there’s no more excuse. You can find everything nowadays if you want. If you’re unable to find the songs by your favorite singer, it might mean he’s kinda L.A.Z.Y.

Anyway, here you go. All EP’s and albums are home recordings. A lot of songs are ideas/demos for bigger plans.
It’s free and it’s all you can eat, so don’t hate the chef.

Click on the artwork to read more about the albums. You will be redirected to a Bandcamp page. You can also download the albums and share them with other people. Feel free to do that.

This is a collection of the albums and EP’s Roy Santiago has released through the years. All of the artwork is made by the Barcelona-based Patrick G. Bras. You can find his shop here.

Broca, 2007, Badmintone Records

Shaving Whales, Rewriting the Alphabet, 2006, WoT NxT

From top to bottom:

***Roy Santiago at Mt. Ventoux is a collection of home recordings. The album is released in 2008 by Badmintone Records. It’s available in the ‘listen’ section’

***Broca is recorded in the house of Justin Vollmar and his brother. They live in Bloomington IN, in the United States.
The album is released in 2007 by badmintone Records.

***Shaving Whales, Rewriting the Alphabet is a 30 minutes experimental song/soundscape scrapbook-kinda escapade. Recorded at home on a 4-track analogue Yamaha recorder and a 2 input Technics tapedeck recorder. It was released as a download EP at the website of the WoT NxT foundation.